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Pixresizer is a refreshingly simple fact of optimizing your photos, Pixresizer is a perfect app if you make very simple changes to your photos before you upload, send or see them online. For example, you can use the Image resizing application (presets or Custom), modify the file format (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF), and optimize for e-mail, etc and (function () {(“Preview-app-Page-Desktop”);}); Pixresizer is not very shiny, and in addition to these features-and several other options can be enabled, such as Save EXIF data-there is not much more you can use it. That said, it is free and does its job very well, so if you need to frequently change the dimensions of your photos, it is a very handy tool to lie allowing you to work with single files or in numbers of Folder. The two options are in separate tabs, and you’ll be able to see the preview if you have a lot of files, easy to use and doing exactly what it says on the Tin, Pixresizer is a great tool.


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