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Dr. Folder

Dr. Directory is a software that searches for and replaces the default folder icon in another icon. It has a nice and friendly interface. It is a powerful and easy to use program. You can quickly and freely change folder icons, just click on some buttons. So using the Ads folder can save a lot of time. The most important thing is that it can make your folders shiny and I think others will envy your beautiful folders!


Prioritize tasks or specify progress using priority icons

Save time in the search file put your folders in order 1 click

Protect valuable information from accidental deletion highlighting important folders that should not be deleted

Personalize your workspace so your folders stand out from other folders, along with other people on your PC or on a local network

Main Features:

You have the right to use Dr. Folders in your Office

Dr. Folders can change the network folder icon. Setting up your local area network

Dr. Folders contains additional icons to work in office

The Doctor directory allows you to change the folder icon with the simplest way (just one click)

Dr. Directory has two additional options for changing the folder icon: Make a custom folder reversible (portable) and configure the selected icon for all subfolders

Dr. Folders can mark folders by priority (high, normal, low), by the degree of work performed (done, half, planned), for the working condition (approved, rejected, pending) and by the type of information in the folder (work files, important Temporary files, personal files).

Dr. folder may change the color of the folders to the normal, dark and clear states

The Dr folder changes the folder icons of the folders context menu. To change the folder icon, you don’t even need to receiveA programmable entry!

The “Dr. Folders” Pop-up menu contains a useful submenu category. MegaDownloader BABLU torrent download

The Dr. Directory contains user tab icons where you add an unlimited number of your favorite icons and brand folders with them. It’s easy!


Dr Folder 2

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