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BLUE is the basis of the mysterious story of defense captain Darren Turner and his wife Heather. With solid faith faith, the Elders are ready to follow their call: serving God, the family and the world. Like seminar and basic training, Chaplen Turner and his family arrive Fort Stewart. But even before Turners, they can even send their new home, Darren, Iraq. Heather lives alone to care for her three little children – as well as serving the families of other deployed soldiers. Despite their desire to stay with their loved ones, the real situation of the war falls every day during the long run of bombs. Jurassic World: Upade krlestwo 2018 At present children are born at home, they are constantly growing up and arteries have been revealed every night to breathe deeply. Minimal shortagesThe same warfare, the soldiers who are waiting to go home are very different from the expectations of their families. Carriers that some can not understand, Turners must decide if they are ready to face other wars: war to save their marriage.

In addition to theology and basic education, Army Chaplain Darren Turner receives orders for the Iraqi wife to take care of her three little children. War crimes will make their balance on Turner and his squad, and thus it will be difficult to stay with his beloved family. When Darren finally returns home, Turners must decide if they are ready to face other war – the struggle to save their marriage.


Indivisible 2018